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St Joan
By Julia Pascal

Since Rivka Bekerman Greenberg’s Breaking the Silence was a five star success at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013, we decided to do it again!

ManyTracks at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Aug 2-August 24, 2014 (not the 12th)
16:30h, 1 hr
Bedlam Theatre, Venue 49, 11b Bristo Place
Edinburgh EH1 1EZ,
United Kingdom

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A modern British Black Jewish Joan travels back to medieval France, exploring 19th century Africa and shadowing the ghettoes of today’s multi-ethnic Europe. On her journey from horse to stake, can Joan nip slavery and the Holocaust in the bud? Can she save even one life?

St Joan is an all-women dramatic fantasy addressing racism, sexism, addressing the idea of Joan of Arc as an icon for the racist Right as seen in France’s “Front National” today. By challenging the historical lesson that those who defy power must be killed, the play aims to reclaim Joan as an international, time-traveling warrior.

As the proto-fascist “Front National” in France, and Britain’s UKIP are gaining traction, we experience a new wave of xenophobia rising in Europe. Instead of opening our borders to allow freedom from persecution, we are closing our doors to those fleeing poverty, war and persecution. Fear rules, not empathy, not insight. Fear, the worst visionary there is.

Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, the theatrical form is witty, poetic and experimental as it flips from medieval France to contemporary Paris and London.

The play is published by Oberon Books.

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Joan 1 Juliet Dante
Joan 2 Rachel Halper
Joan 3 Géhane Strehler
Director - Katrin Hilbe
Movement Director – Lucy Cullingford
Scenic & Lighting Design - Kati Hind
Sound Design – Zoe Blackford
Stage Manager – Sam Gray
Assistant Stage Manager – Shannagh Rowland

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