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Breaking the Silence
Eavesdropping on Dreams
By Rivka Bekerman-Greenberg

After a one year hiatus, this past August we produced Breaking the Silence at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Please see below for more information or in the past performances section for press comments as well.

At the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
July 31-August 26, 2013
C venues c nova
Adam House Chambers St,
Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 1HR, United Kingdom

Three generations of women, caught in a web of haunting memories, disturbing emotions and nightmares. The granddaughter fights for her family's lost history. Her mother remains in denial. The grandmother, an Auschwitz survivor, harbors a dark secret.


Rosa Carolyn Seiff
Renee Jan Leslie Harding
Shaina Rachel Halper
Chaim Rumkowsky et al.
David Palmer Brown
Director - Katrin Hilbe
Scenic Design - Kati Hind
Costume Design - Cathy Small
Sound Design - Andy Cohen
Lighting Design - Kati Hind
Stage Manager - Laura Hirschberg

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